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4 tips for choosing your home design

Choosing the project is a very important moment, it is at this stage that you will start to see your ideas taking shape. With that in mind, the J Roderick Young Custom Homes team decided to make this post and a video giving tips to choose your home project.


How to choose your home design


Tip 1: Ventilation


It is very important that you get good ventilation in all areas of your home.


For that, we have to know where the prevailing winds in your region come from. More specifically, what are the prevailing winds on the land where your house will be built, so that you can take better advantage of natural ventilation?


Environments such as the living room, TV room and bedrooms should face the most ventilated side as they are environments with greater permanence.


Example: If you frequent the gourmet area more, keep this area facing the prevailing winds, this will make the environment very comfortable.


To learn more about the prevailing winds in your region.


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On this site, just inform where you are to know where the prevailing winds come from.


Tip 2: Leaves


The distances are the lateral, frontal and back distances that you must have in your house/project.


Other city halls require a frontal clearance (from the beginning of the land to the beginning of the house), so it is important that you look in your city hall for the mandatory clearances in your city.


On the other hand, there are specific rules for closed condominiums. If this is your case, observe your condominium’s regulations to know the maximum and minimum mandatory distances both to the sides and to the front and back of the land.


Tip 3: Lighting


Every environment must be lit, that is, it must have windows to allow natural lighting to the environment.


In some prefectures, it is required that a percentage of the area of ​​the environment have an opening (windows or doors), such as 1/6 of the area for living rooms and bedrooms.


Example: In a 12.00m² room, it is mandatory to have a 2.00m² window (12.00m²/6= 2.00m²).


So, check very well that within your project, there are the necessary windows to provide good lighting.


Tip 4: Cost of the work


A recurring question we receive is: “How will I know how much I’m going to spend on my work if I don’t have a project yet?”.


These unions publish monthly the price per square meter of the work.


In addition, to know the estimated value of the work, it is necessary that you have in hand the total area of ​​the project that you intend to build.


On our website, you can find this information on the project page, in the “Project Data” area.


Once this is done, look for the price per square meter of the construction work in your region and multiply it by the total area of ​​the chosen project.


Thus, you can have a very good approximation of how much you will income Planning in the construction of your project.


These are some tips for you to choose your home project.


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