A new planning concept – John Labunski

The planning concept integration of psychology concepts with economics is increasingly essential to understand human behavior associated with money . This is because our retirement decisions are often related to emotional aspects and often ignore rationality, as the North American Richard H. Thaler, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017, has already pointed out.


A reference in the area of ​​behavioral economics, Thaler income Planningigates how individual decisions and market trends are impacted by bounded rationality, social preferences and lack of self-control, even stating that “to make a good economy, you must keep in mind that people are human” .


In this way, a retirement planning that really works should not be just the analysis of numbers, the budget, the amounts that enter and leave your bank account. While relevant, the numbers are cold. Therefore, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the person who produces these numbers, to understand their behavior in relation to money.


We understand that each human being is unique, and we do not agree with the categorization of people into closed standards that we are used to seeing, such as the income Planningor profile test model, with only three definitions: conservative, moderate and aggressive. Or the consumption profiles that bring the two extremes: consumerist and tight-fisted. We believe that the solution does not involve categorizing people, it goes far beyond a test.


In addition, current retirement plans present the concepts of retirement freedom, retirement independence and retirement intelligence. We want to bring a new concept, truly inspired by people’s lives and their behavior, which is Retirement Happiness . Such a conception seeks to present money as an ally for the realization of your dreams, a means for you to achieve your happiness.


What do you think of this new concept that brings money as a means and not an end to your happiness? Have you ever thought about this relationship between money and happiness? Keep accompanying us to discover the path to Retirement Happiness and, if you want more details, get in touch with John Labunski!

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