John Finance

Personal credit for retirees is it worth hiring? Look here

When retirement finally arrives, most people just want to make the most of this moment to rest and do what they love. However, guaranteed income may not always be enough to accomplish some goals, such as traveling or buying a home. In this sense, looking for personal credit for retirees ...
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Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting: 5 Tips on how to restructure your post-pandemic company

As United State tries to restart the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are struggling to recover as well. In this context, many organizations look to financial consulting as a way to better organize their finances. Even though thousands of companies and businesses have been forced to close their doors, ...
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Why investing is the best way to expand your wealth?

For most people, creating wealth seems like a difficult goal. Those who earn average incomes feel that it is impossible to do it, but the reality is that it is not difficult to create wealth, it just requires planning, patience and long-term commitment. One of the best ways to expand ...
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Financial advice

Financial advice: how it works and what it is for

To maintain a business that grows in a structured and profitable way, the entrepreneur must be aware that the best management practices are necessary, especially considering an increasingly competitive market scenario. Financial planning is one of the most important pillars for any business that seeks this high performance. And financial ...
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John Labunski

The importance of financing to grow your business

For companies,  financing is an engine  that also leads you to think about how to grow your business seeking the best loan access conditions, which ultimately translate into increased productivity, greater access to technological innovation and the possibility to enter and remain in international markets. Now, there are two ways ...
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Financial Health

It is an operation by which the investor or manager of a company increases its potential for profitability or profit from a value greater than what it actually has available. Normally, this procedure is done on the basis of a credit operation.