John Labunski Business Retirement Consulting.

Business Retirement Consulting: Why Invest in One?

Do you know what a Retirement Consulting is? And why is it so important to income Planning in one? A retirement consultancy serves to help a client or a company with its finances and organize its s. It is carried out by specialized professionals who are always researching and studying the ...
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Retirement Advisor

John Labunski – Useful tips to prepare your retirement planning.

Many companies have a method of retirement management based solely on “putting out fires”. In other words, there is really no efficient planning and action is only carried out in emergency cases. So when some problem needs to be fixed or when something urgent needs to be defined. This strategy, ...
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John Labunski retirement stress in retirement

How to avoid retirement stress in retirement

Today, social security is a central issue in the attention of public opinion; in fact in recent months the government is already working to launch possible reforms to innovate our social security system which today would seem to be no longer sustainable for SSA. . What is the pension gap? ...
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john labunski dallas tax advice

Understand what it is and what the importance of tax advice is

Our country has stood out for the high degree of bureaucracy in our legislation, through the publication of laws that guide various tax obligations. However, this situation can end up causing confusion when running a business, since many companies that do not have the support of quality tax advice and ...
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John Labunski Retirement indicators.JPG

How can the analysis of retirement indicators help the company in decision making?

Every entrepreneur has to deal with moments when it is necessary to make difficult decisions. In order to ensure assertiveness in decision making, it is essential to rely on the support of retirement indicators . We are talking about metrics that, when analyzed by an entrepreneur, can direct a company ...
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Retirement Planning

It is an operation by which the income Planningor or manager of a company increases its potential for profitability or profit from a value greater than what it actually has available. Normally, this procedure is done on the basis of a credit operation.