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Box bed guide: everything you need to know about it!

The bed is one of the central points of the bedroom and your routine, of course. It allows you to rest properly and ensures that you can enjoy the moments of rest in everyday life. Among the available alternatives, there is the bed a box.

After gaining popularity in recent decades, it has become the darling of many people looking for comfort, safety and durability. But, before making your purchase, it is essential to know its characteristics. With so many options for sale, which one to choose? Why is it better than the traditional version? How to make the right decision?

To answer these and other questions, this guide has everything you need to know. Continue reading and discover this model!


What are the types of bedding?


To meet the preferences of different consumers, the box bed soon gained other versions. They bring features in terms of structure and “operation” and even have extra functionalities.

To make the best decision, the ideal is to know what the alternatives are. With that in mind, check out the types and their main qualities!




The traditional box bed is the most common and easy to find style. It is formed by a fixed structure, with feet, on which the mattress is supported. It’s simple, but very effective and guarantees good results throughout the night’s sleep.


Because it is the basic type, it is also the cheapest and most versatile. It can adapt to any size of room and meets the main needs very well. As a result, its popularity is high.




The box trunk bed is perfect for those who want to save space and enjoy every corner of the room. It gets its name because it has a hidden storage environment that works like a chest. The mechanism is simple: just lift the top part, which has a special mechanism, to access the storage area.


This model is great for those who want to store bedding or even personal items such as clothing, books or shoes. In addition to taking advantage of a space that would be “lost”, it guarantees comfort and safety, since the internal area is completely fenced.


With drawers


And speaking of storage, the chest type isn’t the only one out there. It is also possible to find a box with drawers, which are located at the bottom and are accessed from the side of the structure.


Drawers come in different sizes. There are ways to find models with only one “drawer” and others with more than two options on each side. The space can replace the presence of side tables or serve to store pillows, bedspreads and other items for the bed.


Double bed


The bunk bed or box with auxiliary is a great alternative for those looking for a support item without taking up too much space. Usually, it is single and has a “hidden” and mobile structure. Pulling it out reveals the support for a bed of the same size, but with a slightly lower height.


This modality can come with or without a mattress. If there is no such element, a mattress of the right size will suit the characteristics well. It’s an interesting choice for guest rooms or teenagers, who often have friends around at night. Once closed, it occupies only the traditional space, which guarantees versatility.


What are the box bed sizes?


The variation between the types of box beds also happens in relation to size. Depending on each need and the possibilities of space, there is a variation as to the ideal model.


To have no doubts about what is worth purchasing; check out the main sizes available on the market!




The single box bed, as its name reveals, is meant to be used by only one person. It is useful for both children and young people and adults who prefer something smaller. It is also the model that fits best in any space, as it has a smaller size.


The size depends on each brand and preference, but usually varies between three possibilities: the 88 cm wide by 188 cm long, which is the most popular, 78 cm wide by 188 cm long , and the 100 cm wide by 200 cm long . The choice depends on each preference, need and possibility of space – it’s worth keeping an eye out!




The double box holds up to two adults and therefore offers greater comfort. However, it is not intended only for those who sleep together. Many people who live alone choose this version to guarantee more space and a pleasant night’s sleep.


On average, its size is 138 cm wide by 188 cm long. In this way, it fits in most rooms, without compromising well-being and sleep quality.


Queen size


In search of an even better experience, it is possible to resort to other sizes of box bed. Although the single and double versions are already famous, other options stand out — and among them is the queen size alternative .


It is wider than the double and offers greater comfort. Even so, it’s still recommended for 2 people so you get the best feeling. In general, it requires more available space, as it measures 158 cm wide by 198 cm long .


King size


The biggest of all alternatives is the king size box bed . It was designed to ensure maximum comfort and is capable of holding up to 3 people, such as a couple and their child. In the super king version , it maximizes that feeling.


It is 193 cm wide by 203 cm long and therefore requires the most space available. However, it is also more used for environments with a touch of luxury. If you want to transform your room into something similar to a hotel or resort, this is the ideal option.


What types of mattress?


So far, you already know the different frame models and sizes of the box bed. While this foundation is important, it is not used alone, right? The decision on the mattress also influences, even more so when it comes to a combined box. In this mode, base and mattress cannot be separated, which requires extra care when choosing.


If you don’t want to have doubts when making the purchase, see what types of mattresses are available!




 The foam mattress is formed by a polyurethane structure, which offers support and comfort at bedtime. This item must be chosen according to some characteristics, in addition to the size of the box.


First, you need to think about density. This factor depends on the biotype of who will use it and must be correct for each body. When considering weight and height, deformations in the structure are avoided.


In addition, it is necessary to consider the level of comfort. It can be soft, intermediate or firm. Usually, the firmer ones support the spine and may even have orthopedic use.


In addition to considering this characteristic, other factors can help you make a good choice. See what they are!




The CoolMax application features a fabric with a high evaporation capacity, as in the case of sweat. Thus, the surface is always dry and there is protection against stains and fungi.


Bamboo viscose


Bamboo viscose is a hypoallergenic and natural component, which makes the mattress more refreshing — even on hot days. It also offers a satiny and light touch on the skin, which favors comfort.




The Intense application uses carbon threads in the fabric composition. The goal is to relieve body tensions, which helps ensure a deeper and more relaxing sleep, this technology makes sleep 4.3% more efficient.


Olive oil


With the application of Olive Oil, the foam mattress fabric becomes fresh and able to lower the temperature. In addition to the easy heat exchange, it also offers a soft touch to the wires.


Gel foam


Gel foam is part of the structure and helps to obtain comfort and well-being with the use of the piece. Its use makes the garment fresher, which guarantees well-being and quality of sleep.


AMX Hyper Foam


Another technology used is the Hyper AMX foam. With high elasticity, it has a quick return that involves the whole body. At the same time that it offers adaptation, it easily returns to its original state and has good durability.




When deciding which mattress to buy, it is also worth knowing the characteristics of the item made of springs. In this case, the structure is formed by these metallic components, which are compressed or released according to the movement.


In addition to being able to count on characteristics similar to those of foam, such as additions and different fabrics, the type of springs and springs differentiates the products available. Next, check which versions are available.




 The TriPower or bonnel spring mattress has a unique structure, in which all springs are interconnected. The weave guarantees the necessary support and the edges are reinforced so that the complete shape is maintained.




The bagged springs are presented in individual bags. Because of this, they are independent and move separately. With this, movement on one side of the bed does not affect the other, which improves sleep quality.


Pillow top


When talking about mattress types, it is also essential to think of an element that helps ensure comfort: the pillow top . This is an extra cover on some mattresses and it makes the bed better.


It is a foam layer, like the Hyper AMX type, which makes the model even more pleasant to use. This component can be part of foam or even spring mattresses and is an interesting differential.


What are the advantages of the box bed?


To decide, once and for all, whether it is worth buying a box bed , just know its advantages. Once you understand that it is more beneficial than a standard decking version, it will be easier to start planning your purchase.

Want to find out what’s so interesting about her? See what are the main positive points of the box bed!


More space available


In a “traditional” style bed, it is common for the piece to occupy a larger area. This is because the structure has reinforced sides, highlighted feet and the custom made headboards. Thus, the area used is greater than the value actually used.


The box bed has the exact size of the mattress, which helps to save space without having to give up quality or comfort of use. With this, it is possible to have an item that fits better in the room.


Depending on the model, as seen, you can also take advantage of extra dimensions. The storage areas of the chest or drawers make using this piece even more convenient for everyday use.


Bold and modern design


Most wooden beds have an extremely traditional look and, in some cases, even look old. With the box bed, this is different, precisely because it is a newer solution.


The design of the entire structure is modern and helps to create a contemporary blend in the space. The simple exchange for this mode already gives a new face to the environment and improves the harmony of the decoration.


Although the look is not the determining aspect for a good night’s sleep, it is something that weighs in favour of those who want to have a beautiful and stylish home.


Ease of cleaning


A common bed, with a base and the entire structure, is not always easy to clean. There is a large accumulation of dust in the middle of the wood and even the mattress is damaged. When it comes to removing all this, it may be necessary to spend a long time.


In the case of the box bed, cleaning is much easier. If the mattress is removable, just move it and do a brief cleaning of the “board”. As it has feet at the ideal height, cleaning underneath is also simple. In conjugates, the process is uncomplicated.


The best thing is that it is all protected, as it is closed with fabric at the bottom and has side protection. The chest and drawers are also isolated, so maintaining hygiene doesn’t become a problem.


High durability


Anyone who has ever owned a pallet bed knows how fragile the structure can be. Even with all the care, one of the woods can come loose or break completely, which requires a total repair. In some cases, the repair is so expensive that replacement is more affordable.


With the box bed, there is greater durability. If you take the necessary care, you will always have the product whole and ready to give you a quality rest.


More than just saving money, it’s a way to not have to worry about replacement so soon. Thus, the cost-benefit becomes better and justifies the advantages of making the purchase.


Higher level of comfort


In addition, the box bed offers a high level of comfort and well-being. With the possibility to choose the mattress and its characteristics, even in a combined box, it is possible to meet your specific needs.


If you have sleep problems, such as difficulty sleeping caused by insomnia, the comfort of the box bed helps ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Those who have muscle and joint pain have the necessary support with this structure and the mattress.


In practice, it is a way to have a positive experience in your daily life and to create a good sleep routine. With better quality of rest, your health gains a boost and there is more energy the next day.


 How to choose the ideal box bed?


To take advantage of all that the box bed has to offer, it is essential to make a good purchase. More than thinking about the price or the look, it is essential to consider the features that will make a difference in the results.

Next, understand how to choose your ideal box bed and make the right order for your needs!


Select the ideal type


To start, it is essential to think about which type is right for your preferences and for your space. Consider whether it is better to buy the box separately, a conjugate or the set, already with the mattress. Each offer has benefits and attention points, so it’s worth reviewing carefully.


Next, think about the type and size of the bed. The double is the most versatile, but consider whether there are dimensions for a queen upholstered beds or king size. So, you can have increased comfort while sleeping.

Above all, consider whether you want extra storage space or some “hidden” function. Think about current and future use, as this is a long-term .


Assess your comfort level


Next, it’s time to look at all aspects of comfort. In relation to the box, think, for example, of the height. Ideally, this characteristic should be adequate and in accordance with the environment. A bed that is too low can be uncomfortable and a bed that is too high can make it difficult to use. Weigh this factor correctly!


As for the mattress, think about whether you want one made of foam or springs and with what characteristics. Also evaluate the comfort level in relation to softness. The most rigid ones also have their space, as they serve to support the spine and avoid pain when waking up.


Remember to think about everything that can interfere with the use of this furniture and how it fits into your routine.


Discover the quality and safety offered


To make a good , it is essential to ensure that the part is of good quality, durable and with the right characteristics. So, be sure to consider every detail of the piece before purchasing.


See, for example, if the wood of the structure is from reforestation and if it is treated to avoid mold and fungi. In addition to helping those who have respiratory allergies, it maintains health protection in all cases. See, also, what is the quality of the fabric and if the manufacturing process follows the established standards.


In the case of the conjugates or the purchase with the mattress, check if there is the certification seal. Thus, you guarantee that the item will meet expectations and lead to the best results.


Think cost-effective


As we said, price cannot be your main decision factor. After all, what is at stake is your quality of sleep, health and life. Even so, making a good purchase is part of anyone’s plans, right? To hit the nail on the head, consider cost-benefit.


See what are the advantages of acquiring the product and if there are exclusive technologies and qualities. When you buy something that delivers what it promises and guarantees an even better experience, you’ll get maximum satisfaction with your purchase.


If you are going to compare market options, don’t just evaluate the price. Always think of box beds with similar characteristics. Thus, you will be able to have a clear vision of which is the ideal offer.


Choose a specialized company


Since sleeping is such an important part of life, you should not choose just any box bed available on the market. If you want the best experience, the ideal is to select a specialized company that really understands the subject.


Coley Home is one of the main United State brands in the sector and has experience and tradition in the manufacture of box beds and mattresses. Its original products are developed with technology, quality and safety, which allow you to have a good experience.


By taking these factors into account when making your purchase, you can enjoy the duration of the warranty and all the support you need. As a result, the purchase becomes even better.


As we have seen, the box bed is a versatile, functional and high-quality alternative. Among the various types and features, there is one that is perfect for your needs. At the time of purchase, prioritize quality to achieve a high level of satisfaction!


Since choosing a good company makes a difference, see all Coley Home bed box offers!

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