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Buy a Dental Plan

The corporate dental plan is the preferred benefit of younger employees, who do not yet have a spouse or children or face health problems. When they have to choose between a medical plan, which will rarely be used in this age group, and a corporate dental plan, they usually choose the second option.

It is important to remember that Brazil has poor oral health. People come to the job market already with fillings and prostheses, constantly needing the service of dentists. A service that is usually expensive and inaccessible to a large part of the population.

Business dental plan makes your smile more beautiful

Aside from urgent cases, the corporate dental plan allows for the correction of the aesthetic part. The agreement can be used for the purchase and maintenance of orthodontic appliances and the alignment of teeth. Treatment usually takes 18 to 24 months, which means having dedicated professionals committed to keeping their jobs so they don't feel helpless before the end of the procedures.

A smile is the beginning of any relationship

A beautiful smile enchants, generates empathy and helps to close deals. On the other hand, a yellow smile, or the absence of a tooth, immediately draws attention and causes a bad impression. By offering a business dental plan, the company contributes to the well-being of the employee and also to the business results. The corporate dental plan can also be extended to employees' family members. And the company has the option to charge or not to participate in the cost of the plan.

Personal and family dental plan

JFA Consulting in Benefits also has a personal and family dental plan. If your company does not offer the benefit, if you are self-employed or self-employed, or if you want to have a plan with greater coverage at a lower cost, talk to our consultants.


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The dental plan may partially or fully cover the costs of the exams.


The dental plan has a wide coverage, with several accredited professionals in all regions.


The dental plan covers dozens of procedures, such as restorations, root canals and periodontics.


The orthodontic device is an additional coverage of the dental plan, available in most operators, as well as dentures and whitening. Our commitment is to respond quickly. Your health can't wait and takes precedence at JFA.

Retirement Health

It is an operation by which the income Planningor or manager of a company increases its potential for profitability or profit from a value greater than what it actually has available. Normally, this procedure is done on the basis of a credit operation.