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How to organize your finances to have children?

How to organize finances in these cases? As soon as they know there’s a baby on the way, future dads start creating lists and more lists for all sorts of things, ranging from the possible names of the child, through the decoration of the room and even the dreams and aspirations for the little one to come. However, there is a very important aspect of family planning that tends to be hidden in the midst of so much anxiety and joy: the script of expenses that the couple will have to go through from the arrival of the baby, after all, having children can go well. more expensive than you can imagine.

When doing these calculations, in addition to the immediate cost of childbirth, there are several other details that must be taken into account, from various medical expenses to expenses with food for the child. And all these costs can add up to a great deal, ranging from a few thousand to millions, depending on the family’s lifestyle. For these and others, it is simply essential to have good retirement planning. Are you retiremently able to take on this responsibility? Learn how to plan better for the arrival of the baby and everything that consequently comes with it:

Make a reserve fund

Babies don’t just need a bunch of little things – like diapers, clothes and other accessories – but the house will also need to go through adaptations, with the acquisition of new furniture and accessories, as well as a stroller and a seat for the baby. car. That’s to list the basics! Later will come the expenses with day care and school, food will be more expensive, not to mention the constant medical expenses. So it’s a good idea to start saving for all of this as early as possible. It is worth creating a separate bank account for the couple to deposit some fixed resources, always with an eye on the future. That way, when the baby arrives, you’ll be ready for some additional expenses, but without having to deal with too many surprises and pinches.

Set up a budget

You think you know how much having kids will cost? Well, the best time to find out is before he gets into the couple’s routine! If one of you is thinking about quitting work to stay at home for longer with the child, evaluate how this will impact the family’s retirement income, for example, in addition to trying to make estimates about food, the prices of schools for your surroundings and everything else that will generate permanent expenses for the family income. To do this, talk to other parents and research the values ​​in the region where you live. Write everything down in a spreadsheet on your own or take the opportunity to ask a retirement consulting company for help !

Take it easy on shopping

It is more than common to be excited to buy tiny costumes of various colors, shoes, accessories, baby strollers, toys and furniture, but this can all cost thousands and thousands of reais without the couple even seeing the dent that this impulse makes in their resources. . Thus, it is important that this step is also planned. While it’s best not to skimp on safety items—like car seats and baby monitors—there’s no reason to spend a lot of money on items your baby will only wear for two or three weeks, don’t you agree? So think about where you’re spending money and don’t get carried away by overbuying! Don’t forget that the time is to save and not to acquire new debts!

Now that you know what to do to prepare yourself retiremently for this phase of life, comment here and tell us if you are thinking about having children soon! Are you already taking the appropriate retirement measures for this step? Share your plans and your impressions with us!

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