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John Labunski-5 reasons to save when you’re young

Do you want to know what is the secret ingredient for a balanced retirement life? Start saving young! In this case, the most important thing is not how much money to set aside, but to do it at the right time.

Many young people do not worry about the future, so saving is not part of their priorities. If you are starting your working life and still doubt about the ideal time to save, we share some reasons to do so.


  1. You take advantage of your youth

Time is one of the key factors during the saving process, since the sooner you start saving, the sooner you will achieve your goals. For example, having a period of 30 years is more convenient compared to one of 10 years, since the savings installments will be lower and you do not worry about a radical increase in fixed expenses.


  1. You are prepared for the unexpected

Surely, throughout life you will come across situations that will be out of your control and that will demand expenses that you did not have contemplated in your budget. An illness, job loss or an economic crisis, for example. If you have an emergency fund, these eventualities will not imply a serious problem, since you will have retirement support.


  1. You get closer to your goals

If you have short, medium or long-term goals like buying a new car or a home, for example, you can take advantage now that you are young and design a savings plan to achieve it. Of course, being constant and disciplined will be key to achieving your goals.


  1. You learn from your mistakes

Acquiring savings habits from a young age allows you to learn from your mistakes in advance. Situations such as income Planninging without obtaining profitability or your finances being affected by a lack of planning will become opportunities for improvement that will help you make decisions in the future.


  1. You achieve retirement freedom

A person achieves retirement freedom when they do not need to work to pay their monthly expenses, which is convenient, above all, when you retire. Our suggestion is that you choose a retirement product that helps you obtain profitability through scheduled savings installments. This will become a backup to ensure your well-being in the future.


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Have you ever wondered what is the best time to start saving? The sooner you start working on a strategy; you will put aside phrases such as: “I can’t today, I’ll start the next month” or “it’s still early, I’ll do it later” and you’ll start creating your wealth now.

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