John Labunski Consulting In Retirement Planning

John Labunski Consulting In Retirement Planning

In addition to the cultural problem that we Argentine have, related to the importance of being protected in situations of premature death and dignity of survival in health (life and retirement, respectively) and what are our protection criteria when we do not risk moving a car without their respective insurance, but nevertheless we move without it, with the aggravating circumstance that we normally income Planning more money in the car (garage, maintenance, audio, alarms, etc.) as it loses market value. What about us?


How is our professional, family and economic life project supported? Who replaces the liquidity that we produce with our day-to-day work? Who protects the accumulation for our decent retirement? How many of us, faced with a situation of economic adjustment, stop paying or cancel a life policy or a retirement program and continue paying the insurance of a material asset that also surely causes us more expenses? What place does the concept occupy in our planning and in our minds? Protection? Am I using the protection instruments that currently exist correctly or at least to the best of my ability?


We also find ourselves with a great exposure to error when we decide to review, start or cancel a protection program.


In fact, after the pension reform in 1994 and in a context of economic stability, people began to talk about the importance of accumulating during the active stage in order to live with dignity in the passive stage. They also began to talk about the importance of having life insurance to provide liquidity in the event of premature death or disability. More than 20 top-level international companies compete for a market that today, seven years later, is in full development. There is a great variety of proposals, but also a great uncertainty of really being acquiring a product that accompanies the current local and international circumstances.


In the developed world, where these businesses are more than 100 years old and legislation that protects individuals and companies alike, the distribution, advice and monitoring of policies is in the hands of independent producers, called retirement planners. Prepared to analyze, review and suggest, together with each client from an independent position, the needs and products that guarantee that the planned objectives are met.


Before making a decision in this regard, have an interview with a retirement planning consultant, together with him you will be able to define which is the most appropriate program according to your current situation, and which is the most flexible, which accommodates permanent changes to which we are exposed.


It is impossible today to think that my situation at retirement age will magically be desirable if I do not put a plan in place today, the same happens with the possibility of premature death or disability.


Request an interview with a retirement planner. He will be able to guide you along with you to have a real vision of the importance of having a retirement planning program.


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