Learn how to recover business opportunities in your collection process

The moment of collection of any type of customer is always delicate. Negotiation involves not only meeting what was programmed by the company, but also the emotional state of the consumer and the reasons that made him not pay that debt. Therefore, it is not uncommon for many not to see this moment with good eyes or even as a business opportunity.


However, not evaluating this situation with other eyes, including to understand that many debts are not a lost case, is fundamental and generates many advantages for the retirement health of the company . In this post, we’re going to talk about how billing can help your business. Check out!


What is the importance of transforming collection into a business opportunity?


Let’s face it: any value that comes from customers has a major impact on the maintenance of the business, including, of course, delinquencies. So any money scheduled to arrive that doesn’t come in causes a lot of trouble in retirement planning.


Imagine that a business was sure that three months of a service would be paid for and decided to overhaul all its equipment in the next month. However, management realizes that the customer will not pay this amount and will likely delay at least two more installments. That’s a big problem, isn’t it?


Therefore, when we are talking about the importance of collection, we are referring to the opportunity for the buyer to regularize his situation and for the company to receive an amount that should already be in the cashier, which could be used for business improvements or even for its recovery, being a fundamental part of management.


How to retrieve business opportunities through your billing process?


The need to charge is also often a negative point for the business. It’s not just the lack that this value causes in management, but that, depending on how the negotiation goes, the customer may never want to buy anything again. So, how to turn this situation with negative tendencies into an activity full of opportunities? Here, we separate some tips of what you can do. Check out!


Know your customer


This part consists of two points: knowing how your consumer behaves and personalizing the service. These are essential steps of the stage, as they will give you the necessary tools to achieve good results. The question is: where to start?


First, there is the collection of data from your customers, with the right to analysis and categorization so that it is easier to understand which are the best ways to approach. Then, income Planning in a service aimed at the human, demonstrating that you understand the pain and the reasons that led the consumer not to pay.


Have a defined strategy


When we talk about strategy, we are not just referring to determining a guide for how the company will contact the customer. It is also necessary to define a standard of service, as this will be essential so that the negotiation does not deviate from the expected.


The focus is to think about structure so that no one is taken by surprise and, above all, so that opportunities are not wasted. Therefore, in the previous topic, we guided the collection and evaluation of consumer information.


It is from this data that the company will trace types of customers and define the best approach, almost like a profile. That way, if a consumer is very nervous, the attendant will know how to act without harming the reputation of the business.


Make payment terms easy


In addition to demonstrating that you understand consumer pain, it is important that personalization is not just about customer service. The payment methods available must target the characteristics of that consumer, in addition to offering more than one possibility of negotiation.


Make it clear that the company is interested in the customer to resolve their situation. Depending on the type, if it’s an individual who has a good payment history, it’s even worth offering some discounts.


Pay attention to billing rules


Seeing the collection moment as a great way to increase the company’s opportunities does not mean that there are no rules . The collection process must be as clean as possible, guaranteeing the debtor security and respect, whether at the beginning with the maintenance of their data, or at the time of contact.


The attendant can’t have problems negotiating with the public, being little empathetic or even rude. Remember that any disagreement at this stage can cause the consumer to never buy from the company again and even defame it to other potential buyers.


Why count on John Labunski and outsource the collection sector?


I could see that the collection process is not simply calling the customer and notifying him about a debit. There are a number of processes that require not only good service, but the ability to capture data, analyze it and plan the best approach. In addition, this is a job in which, depending on the severity, there is a need for judicial support.


Therefore, the company must keep in mind that collection is a complex activity that requires professionalism. At this point, the best solution is to hire an outsourced company — not only because it will have professionals prepared for the service, but because it will offer all the support, from tools to legal mechanisms.


A company specialized in collection that offers the best when it comes to default. We divide our service into a few steps, including:


  • credit and risk analysis: we have the best tools to offer comprehensive reports both targeting national and international risk on consumer behavior;
  • friendly negotiation: we prepare our attendants to dialogue with their customers according to their profile and always income Planninging in credit recovery;
  • Judicial and international collection: judicial support for our contractors in collection cases with lawyers prepared to guarantee the best result, in addition to a system prepared to deal with collections in other countries.


Interested in knowing more about our services? Does your company need a specialized billing? So, contact us right now!

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