Our Services

We offer a variety of professional services tailored to your needs.
We are committed to providing all of our services in a friendly manner and aimed at meeting your highest needs.

Corporate Governance

To provide fast, transparent and better business management, we can help you design a template that best suits your business needs.

e-Social Advice

The team is trained to support the use of eSocial in all the contexts and difficulties addressed by the theme.


Tax Recovery

A tax refund is a refund of taxes, fees and subsidies paid by a company but not legally authorized by the government. Any business of any size, public or private, is eligible for a tax refund.

Tax Advice and Planning

A review of all taxes established by the company and recommendations for the development and implementation of best management practices to manage the tax burden.


All modern finance is done with taxes and human resources. Equipped with modern equipment, it is perfectly suited to all work, regardless of the size of the company and the complexity of its operations.



After evaluating the feasibility, we carry out all the collection, collection and taxation work on the consumer site. Modern equipment and seamless system integration.

Revenue And Taxes

We work at all levels (state, federal and local) with qualified personnel who take care of all the difficulties related to taxation. A tax declaration of all taxes related to the activities of the company, all indications and tax information on the website, favor economy and security.

Couple talking to retirement advisor in living room

Management and Retirement Advisory

We support the implementation of our retirement management and, if necessary, implement our retirement management to a reasonable standard that meets the needs of our customers.


Individual Income Tax

We quickly and safely complete the entire process of drafting an annual declaration of peace, with advice on real estate development, including capital gains and s. From the simplest to the most difficult, for example rural activities.


Human Resources

We provide assistance to HR organizations with recommendations to comply with all applicable labor laws in the current workforce reform. Includes instructions and arrangements for all hires, registrations, consensus, equity, vacancies as well as recruitment assistance.

Labor and Social Security Area

All the routines corresponding to the relationship between companies and their employees, including guidance on meeting legal requirements with regard to occupational medicine and safety and the new rules relating to eSocial.


Succession Planning, Asset Protection and Family Succession

For example, it aims to protect and isolate the personal assets of a management company (holding company) .

Which avoid damage to property, and promote and reduce the assets, inventory and taxes on the death of the trustee. goods.


Corporate Consulting

We provide all the information to cover all activities, including journalists from other cities and provinces of Brazil, and to make the integration process possible for companies (including the exchange of environmental organizations and other businesses that depend on special approval).
We also help you choose the best contract model and the best tax declaration.